Each person who has given me their testimonial has touched my heart in some way. It is in giving that I receive and I completely enjoy my work in transforming lives through creating building blocks and crumbling stumbling blocks. – CoachGlo Favreau, CCP  

CoachGlo thanks her raving fans

CoachGlo thanks her raving fans

Hear what some of my “Raving Fans” have to say in the following testimonials …

Tina Campbell


Master Networker and Local Business Connector

CoachGlo is a dedicated and passionate coach and mentor. She focuses her intense energy on projects and delivers on all promised outcomes. CoachGlo is an amazing human-being and a true partner for those of us who are lucky enough to have her in our business or life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to those that need her coaching services and I have in fact recommended her to friends and family.

Saini Smith-Clarke


Small Business Insurance Agent

I met CoachGlo recently through Master Networks and was instantly drawn to her positive energy and welcoming character, so naturally, I signed up for her event. I'm so happy I did; What an amazing event. The venue was beautiful. It was well organized; the speakers were all amazing. I learned so much and have already started incorporating a lot of it in my daily life. I was inspired by all the women that attended AND it was a lot of FUN!! The event, information, positive energy/ reinforcement and ME-time is just what I needed. Thanks CoachGlo!!

Margaret Carey


Editor of HamletHub, Digital Magazine

I met the energetic and enthusiastic CoachGlo at Master Networks- Brewster-Carmel Chapter. This vivacious woman possesses a genuine desire to help others. Her straightforward approach is delivered with kindness. I was fortunate to attend her "Darling - You are Fabulous" workshop which included highly-qualified speakers, a beautiful venue and a warm, open atmosphere. Her volunteer work with Unshattered is so commendable. I highly recommend scheduling a free exploratory Discovery Session to find out why CoachGlo is the life coach with a unique approach!

Toni Quitugua-Bhatia

Toni Quitugua-Bhatia

Sr. Administrative Assistant at Philips Consumer Lifestyle

CoachGlo is fantastic in what she does. Because of her I am not only a better person to myself but I am more aware in my surroundings and know how to deal with any issues that come my way. Gloria is honest and helps you to see things as they are. She is an amazing, talented, and extremely smart woman. One that I truly admire and respect.

Lenore Racenet


Sr. Supply Chain Analyst/Site Administrator at PepsiCo

CoachGlo is an amazing leader. She is passionate, energetic and most of all, she cares about the success of others. I can't say enough about Gloria's leadership experience and, on top of that, her life coaching skills have taught me so much! Her wisdom, strong character, and ability to keep things "real" is truly admirable. I'm extremely grateful to have built a strong relationship with such a like-minded individual!

Fern Brown, PHD


Homeschool Mom and Marketing and Advertising Director

CoachGlo is a professional with excellent coaching and business skills. She is an excellent communicator and has fantastic leadership qualities. She has helped me to grow and develop in my business and personal life. I highly recommend her services.

Maria Quezada


CEO Six Diamonds Tree Service 

CoachGlo  is really professional, friendly and most all she is very private.

Yanna Guo


Author & Public Speaker

CoachGlo is an amazing, insightful lady. She is genuine, intelligent, and cares about others. I believe she has the ability to help many people improve their lives.

Melani Sessa


Professor & Gut Health Wellness Advocate

I just met with the most amazing woman!CoachGlo is a Life Coach who specializes in helping women to go from good to great!She’s is extremely warm and loving and has a depth of wisdom and compassion that made me feel comfortable immediately.

Amanda San Luis


Creative Lead at Unshattered

I had the most amazing time at the Darling, You are Fabulous...event! I truly did feel fabulous❤ The venue could not have been more fitting for this day of yoga, art therapy, and learning about skin and gut health(which was such an eye opener) music, food, and awesome women! I am grateful I was able to have this experience. Thank you CoachGlo!!!

Kathleen Troy


Certified Life Coach

Coachglo hosted a remarkable event celebrating women and reminding us of the importance of self care as access to self worth. Darling- You are Fabulous was held in a magical venue- and I came home feeling as if I had been on a mini- vacay. I was very impressed with the invited speakers. I also enjoyed the participants- lots of Amazing and approachable women attended.
Coachglo is authentic, magnetic, brilliant and truly a vessel of love. If you missed it- next time sign up- then ask questions! Waste no time as her dance card fills up!

Priscilla Garamella


Life Style Consultant

I have had a long relationship with Coach Glo and I can assure you that she is a true professional in every respect. She is warm, caring, and down-to-earth, all while being incredibly skilled at finding and getting the best out of her clients. I am a better person for having been associated with CoachGlo, and I would venture a guess that all of her clients feel the same way. I would recommend her without reservation.

Patti Kirk-Byrne


CoachGlo is one of the most compassionate, caring and optimistic people I have ever met. She is a bundle of positive, energetic and inspiration all wrapped up in a cute package. Here's the thing : She gets it. CoachGlo has an amazing ability to completely get me. Why ? Because with life experience and her experience as a life coach she has the capacity to get each and every issue I had. I have grown and changed exponentially this past year. I have noticed such a positive change in me and so has the people around me. I can not thank her enough. I would recommend CoachGlo in a heart beat.

Kimmy Mercedes


It was an amazing experience working with Coach Glo. I went to Coach Glo during a rough patch in my life. She is warm but direct, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. It was such a pleasure having her as my coach. I recommend her to anyone going through a rough patch in their lives. She is really a beautiful, kind and effective life coach.

Thank you CoachGlo!

Lillian Rodriguez-Magliaro


My experience with CoachGlo has been and continues to be one of incredible emotional and spiritual awareness. Her ability to create an environment of community wholeness allows for a deepen of an individuals devotion to love.

In the words of Williamson "May my eyes be opened to the miracles around me."